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I have been interested in everything web since I was 16 years old. My friend introduced me to basic HTML using notepad to create simple websites. After a few years I discovered PHP and realised the potential to create amazing interactive sites. After working a number of years in the industry, I decided to attend Huddersfield University to better my skills and further my career.

Since joining university I have learnt many new skills such as JQuery, Javascript, AJAX and more advanced PHP. This combined with visual design lectures has enabled me to create visually appealing websites that are interactive and useful to clients.

I have also had to design print material for clients ranging from business cards to shop signs. To me there is nothing better than seeing a design I have created in the real world on a flyer or on the side of a van!

I decided to create my own showcase to show off what I can do. Everything on this website is my own work.

In my spare time I enjoy visiting classic Volkswagen shows and I am also an avid Moto GP fan.

Buckingham Palace Working with Royalty

In September 2013 I was chosen from hundreds of multimedia students to work for The Duke of York (formerly Prince Andrew) in Buckingham Palace as part of a placement year. The role consisted of me living and working inside Buckingham Palace maintaining The Duke's website and social media. However, after a few months the office decided that I should make a new website from scratch which should be mobile and SEO friendly.

I created a new website using the Wordpress framework which used multiple media queries to ensure it displayed correctly on any device. I also created a custom mobile navigation.

Another role in The Duke's office was to maintain social media. I regularly planned Twitter schedules so that we were constantly Tweeting relevant information to His Royal Highness's followers. To further enhance The Duke's social media portfilio I set up a Facebook page which gained over 30,000 likes within two months.

I often acted as the only photographer at events hosted in The Palaces as well as helping out to escort and assist high profile guests.

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